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NOVEMBER 3, 2020


"Red is the color of blood, life, passion, danger, and seduction. It is one of the most visible colors in the spectrum and can provoke the strongest emotion within us. It is the color of the Root Chakra, the chakra that regulates survival, safety, and security. It is said that the color you see the most is the Chakra you are healing. It comes at no surprise that red has been a reoccurring theme in my life this year. It has been a color that has grounded me, yet has been the same color that has tapped into my anxiety. What exactly is anxiety? Anxiety is fear. It is the feeling of lack of safety and security. 

When selecting works for Anxiety, naturally, I chose works that were red. I chose pieces that spoke to the times, literally and figuratively. This year has been fueled with fear. It has been a year of uncertainty 

These art works dives into chaos, death, loneliness, and overall, life's fragility. I selected 32 works from my virtual collection that displayed feelings of anxiousness, fear, and even a sense of calmness.
" - Ciarra K. Walters