Ciarra K. Walters (1992) originally from Prince George's County, Maryland, is a multidisciplinary artist and art educator based in Los Angeles, California. Walters work unravels the relationships between self, trauma, and healing, using self portraiture, performance, poetry, and video. She explores the complexities of gender and race, creating intimate and vibrant work around herself and people of color. Walters directs, photographs, cast, edits, and designs her sets, shoots, videos, and performances. 

Using her Instagram, website, and ARTLETTER, she brings her art adventures, knowledge, and resources to her community. Walters works to make art an everyday conversation within communities of color, in hopes that sharing her art journey and resources will inspire others to create, understand, and share their work.

Clients include i-D, Urban Outfitters, Nike, Intermix, Saint Heron, Pulse Films, Interscope Records, Roc Nation, and TOAN Magazine. 

Find CV here.

Ciarra is available for directing, photography, art education, and creative direction. Please email.