December 30, 2019  10:19 p.m. It’s weird. There was this feeling. This deep, deep feeling in the deepest part of my stomach that told me this was different. And I felt like this every time we left each other. It was different. We actually talked. And like that I saw another layer unfold. It was easy, it was scary, it was exciting. It was. It was and I wound up in it. I mean it could be whatever. We could only be a temporary chapter. It sadden me to think of an ending between us. Another story. Then again, it could be whatever. I’m being present. Presently, I am open. I am happy. I am excited that I get to spend a weekend with him at the brownstone in New York. Another cute thing. Maybe that's gonna be my life with my partner. He goes somewhere around the world I'd follow...for my art of course. When I start getting these residencies, I'd go somewhere around the world and he'd follow... Idk, daydreaming for another time. Saying goodbye at any capacity is going to be hard. I can tell already.