September 18, 2019 10:27 p.m. How do I want to be loved: I want to be checked up on. I want to be listened too. I want to listen. I want to grow with the experience and that person. I want to be seen. Meaning, I want to be acknowledged for all parts of me. Even the ones I hide or I think I am hiding. I want my work to be acknowledged, my art, my work ethic, my spirituality, my vulnerability. I want to be with someone who pays attention to details. It doesn’t have to be every detail, but they notice the things that need to be noticed. I want to feel safe at all times. I need respect for all of me. I need communication. I need honesty, even when it hurts the both of us. I want to feel like I am the only choice and I'm not competing. I want that awareness and attention. Deep conversations... I want to be with someone who sees themself when they see me. How do I want to love: I want to be able to love freely. I want to be present with someone at all times. I don't want to have to hide my words or my feelings. I never want to feel like I have to hold my tongue. (I never finished this writing)