Shows to See NYC: July 9, 2021

  1. John Edmonds: A Sidelong Glance at The Brooklyn Museum (Up until 8/8)

  2. Arcmanoro Niles: Hey Tomorrow, Do You Have Some Room For Me: Failure Is A Part Of Being Alive at Lehmann Maupin (6/3-8/28)

  3. Raymond Hendler: Raymond by Raymond (Paintings 1957-1967) at Berry Campbell (7/8-8/20)

  4. Group Exhibition: The Black Perspective at ACA Galleries (1/8-7/30)

  5. Group Exhibition: Fragmented Bodies II: Fluidity in Form at Albertz Benda (6/24-7/31)

  6. Group Exhibition: Feedback at Jack Shainman’s The School (6/5-10/30)